Steph’s Best Cleaning Tips: #1-Cabinet Gunk


Who likes to clean? Not me, but what I do like are tips & tricks to make cleaning easier!

I’ll be posting cleaning tips & hacks that I have personally tested! Trust me, they will make cleaning much easier!

The first tip is for cleaning the gunk off of your kitchen cabinets! You know, the sticky, grimy mess right by the door handle? Ick! I have scrubbed and scrubbed these in the past and barely made a dent in the grime!

Here’s the secret:

Mix vegetable oil (or whatever kind you have on hand) with some baking soda in a small bowl, You can use a toothbrush to apply it to the cabinet or use your fingers! I used my fingers so I could really get the paste ground into the area! After scrubbing, I used a paper towel to wipe off the paste and wow, was that gross! The amount of dirt that came off was amazing! Say goodbye to grimy cabinets for good! This was so easy & effective!